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“I first met Sarah when I was her professor at Salem College; I was immediately struck by Sarah's depth, thoughtfulness, and drive, both as a student and a person. Sarah is very motivated and creative, and her editing is top notch. I have kept in touch with her over the years, and I'm thrilled to see her now own her own business, and I really cannot say enough about Sarah. I'm delighted to know her and recommend her to anyone!”
Elizabeth Dickinson, Faculty Member, Kenan-Flagler Business School, UNC Chapel Hill

“I enjoy a positive and professional relationship with Sarah at Lingley Editing Services. My latest work was edited and returned on time, within budget, and thoroughly reviewed with a highly relevant critique, and helpful comments. I recommend writers seeking editing services to consider Lingley Editing Services first.”
Patrick Benson

"I would like to refer Sarah at Lingley Editing Services for your book editing services. She was very professional and prompt with her services. She clearly understood my vision and the purpose of my story. This showed in how she assisted in making the story run smoothly. Her recommendations were very helpful to me as an author. This was a learning process for me and I am thankful for the experience. Add Sarah's contact information to your list of editors and give her a call for your editing needs. Thanks, Sarah, for a job well done."
Mark Baynard, author, 100 Years: A Journey to End a Vicious Cycle

"Sarah completed an edit of my book, The Connection Algorithm. She was very easy to work with, immediately understanding and honoring my preferred voice and style. She also fixed countless errors I wouldn't have found on my own. After she cleaned up my manuscript, I felt confident that it was ready for print. She was prompt, thorough, and friendly. She has my full recommendation!"
Jesse Tevelow, entrepreneur, writer (

“I had a tainted view of editors until I met Sarah. I was first 'introduced' to her when I saw her responding to a comment on LinkedIn; her sincerity and insight immediately caught my attention. Sarah is articulate, strategic, knowledgeable, encouraging, and fast! She will help you with your project until you are confidently satisfied. I will use Sarah for all my projects, and highly recommend her services.”
Tamilyn Banno, author (

“Sarah recently edited the mission statement for my non-profit organization. She did an excellent job and the turnaround time was very fast. Her editing services made what I had written much more professional, concise, and understandable. She was thorough, but did not take away at all the individuality or heart of what I had written. I would highly recommend her services; you will not be disappointed.”
Alysa Bowen, President, Cornerstone House of Hope

“Sarah helped us by editing a translated version of our German homepage, and did a good job. We would use her services again for future jobs.”
abakus Solar, AG

"I recently stumbled on Sarah’s editing service in Poets & Writers magazine. Before I found her I finagled my way into having a few friends review my writing. However, friends tend to be biased. As a creative writing student I need a skilled, unbiased, professional source to help me polish my work. I have found that in Sarah. She is extremely timely (delivered way before the date promised), personal yet professional, and gives unvarnished guidance in a respectful, non-threatening manner. I look forward to working with her again and again."
Vera Harris, writer

"Sarah is a professional who is easy to work with. Her concern over my work extended to pointing out missing accent marks on Spanish words I had previously accented. Her sentence structure edits with comments and alternatives were constructive and helped my work flow smoothly. I have learned from Sarah's editing, and am pleased with the work she provided. I will be using her services again."
Emma Chaves, author, Tales From Alturas: The Puerto Rican Mystique

"Sarah has been doing my edits for years. She's efficient, expert and fun to work with. I would not consider going anywhere else." —Joseph Anderson, attorney, author

"Sarah’s work is fast and very thorough. She was able to understand very quickly the general context of the material, so that her comments and recommendations were insightful. I would highly recommend her for any number of future writing or editing projects in either an academic or commercial environment."
Arnold Dupuy, Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton

"If you are looking for an expert to guide you in your writing journey, or to simply show you the way to more clarity, I can highly recommend Sarah. As an editor, she is invisible, making sure not to damage or manipulate the voice and style of the writer. She guides, points out flaws and traps and suggests other routes, without taking the wheel herself and making the journey her own." —Kevin Morgan Watson, founding editor of Press 53

"It’s always a privilege and an honor to work with Sarah. She is such an awesome, conscientious, knowledgeable editor, who has not just over the years improved my stories exponentially, but who’s also a professional who understands time value. Thank YOU!" —Rozita Nelson, Founder/Executive Director of The Power of T.E.E.N.S., Inc (

"Highly recommended! My multi-disciplinary literature review had grown to over 60 pages plus over 80 notes and 300 references, Sarah was completely unfazed by the enormity of the task. She quickly edited this behemoth by finding inventive ways to reorganize and cut almost 30% of the total page count without sacrificing an iota of technical content or original format. I’ve recently submitted it to a significant journal—a milestone I would not have achieved without her timely and professional help."
Larry J., PhD Candidate in Systems Engineering

"Sarah was one of my writer/editors in 2012 and specialized in reviewing contributor articles and writing in-depth features and bios on the expert contributors from around the world. Sarah submitted clean copy, on deadline. I highly recommend Sarah; she conducts herself professionally and is easy to work with."
Susie Walling, Founder of My Lasting Legacy (

"I recommend Sarah as an expert editor. I had the pleasure of benefitting from her work; her edit made my writing more understandable and professional. Her feedback was accurate and thorough. It is easy to work with her and she conducts herself professionally. I would definitely collaborate with her in the future and I strongly recommend her to others."
Elham Vahid, SAP AG Company, multinational software corporation (


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